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Western Aloha honors legendary textile designer John "Keoni" Meigs in this third edition of Western Aloha’s vintage collection. "Waikiki" is a classic chop-suey print that tells the story of mid-century Waikiki, when Honolulu was booming after World War II. Waikiki's sunny beaches welcomed war-weary travelers from around the world to the land of Aloha.  

  • Cut and sewn in El Paso, Texas.
  • Real coconut buttons.
  • Original print, artisanal printing technique; colors may vary.
  • Versatile Cowboy Cloth. So tough it scares wrinkles away; so soft you'll wake up still wearing it, remarkably unwrinkled.
  • Short Sleeve | Tailored fit. Traditional Aloha shirt styling (one front pocket, no front shoulder yokes).
  • Performance from sea to snow and beach to bar.